Winter Solstice Yoga Practice at the Papaya Grove

winter solstice

In the Mayan Calender December 21st is written to be a day of great universal shifts in energy, a time of powerful transformation. Harmonized with the Winter Solstice, we encounter an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness as we open to new beginnings in our lives.

Join us at the Papaya Grove, to honour the sun, and cultivate our spiritual energy together..

On December 21st

10 AM- 12:30 PM

We honour the Sun, and new energetic forces in the universe

With 108 Sun Salutations.

Sync into deep meditative flow with intention and an open heart
And share with the community afterward, enjoying tea and fresh fruit.

By Donation: suggested donation $10

The proceeds of this event used to fund upcoming projects within the community of Gigante
• The new school kitchen
• The community health center

Fresh fruit and tea will follow the practice
We hope to share this auspicious day with you, Namaste!



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